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Reference: EU10i, Ref: H0001

Honda EU10i Inverter Petrol (1kVA - 230V)

Review(s): 3

The Honda EU10i. With this super silent and compact generator you have electricity in any desired place. The Honda Inverter Technology, the generator of high frequency spanningsnauwkeurigheid. Therefore, the generator can be used anywhere. Due to the low weight, the EU 10i extremely handy.

Price €879.20 Regular price €1,098.99
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Reference: EU30i, Ref: H0003

Honda EU30i Inverter Petrol (3kVA - 230V)

Review(s): 5

The Honda EU30i. This is a compact and quiet unit. The generator is equipped with Honda Inverter Technology for a precise voltage and frequency. Because the power unit is started with a cord is the unit manageable. The weight is only approx. 40kg.

Price €2,295.18 Regular price €2,799.00
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Reference: EU30is, Ref:H0004

Honda EU30is Inverter Petrol (3kVA-230V)

Review(s): 8

The Honda EU30iS electric start). This silent and compact generator with the Honda Inverter Technology for accurate voltage and frequency also has a recoil starter. The generator is both business and private applied.

Price €2,639.20 Regular price €3,299.00
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Reference: EU70is, Ref: H0012

Honda EU70is Inverter Petrol (7kVA - 230V)

Review(s): 6

The Honda inverter EU70iS. The robust, silent and reliable unit can hold up to be charged with 6500W. The generator is also equipped with the Honda-Inverter-Technique for accurate voltage and frequency. The power unit is usually for business purposes only purchased.

Price €4,551.75 Regular price €6,069.00
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Reference: EF3000ISE, Ref: SD00012

SDMO Inverter Pro 3000E Yamaha Gasoline (3 kVA - 230V)

Review(s): 7

The SDMO inverter Pro 3000E is directly by SDMO purchased from Yamaha Japan and is therefore very well priced. This Unit has a maximum capacity of 3 kVA and a maximum operating time of over 20 hours of operation with ¼ rated load in Economy Control mode. A Noise level of 51 dB (A) with ¼ rated load from 7 meters.

Price €2,211.28 Regular price €2,601.50
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Reference: EU20i, Ref:H0025

Honda EU220i Inverter Tri-Fuel (2kVA - 230V)

Review(s): 0

The Honda EU20i is a very reliable and quiet unit. This provides accurate voltage and frequency by the Honda Inverter Technology. This generator is equipped with a Tri Fuel evaporator, and runs on three fuels, LPG, natural gas and gasoline.

Price €2,211.28 Regular price €2,601.50
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Reference: EU22i

Honda EU22i Inverter Petrol (2,2 kVA - 230V)

Review(s): 11

The super inverter Honda EU22i is the successor of the Honda Eu20i. This silent inverter delivers slightly more power (+200W) than the Honda Eu20i and has a number of areas for improvement.

Price €1,352.18 Regular price €1,649.00
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