Order and Pay

In the online store Gentec.nl you can select the right product search. If you have found click on ‘shopping basket’ order for the product to order directly, you can then the numbers still change. If you select the right product found you can also on the product itself clicks then you have a larger image of the product. You can here the desired number of products to specify, and then order by clicking on the ‘cart’ button.


You can click the above manner doorwinkelen until you have all the desired products the correct number in the shopping basket has done. You can then complete your order by clicking ‘continue with checkout’ button. If you the product from the shopping basket to pick up, you can do that by clicking on the ‘delete’ button.


Step 1

You can choose to create an account. The advantage of your personal account is that you more quickly in the future orders can be placed.


If you have an account and want to register: click on ‘register An account’ and then click ‘continue’.

If you have an account: enter your address and password, and then click on ‘continue’. If you have forgotten your password, click ‘forgot password?’.


Step 2

In this step, the billing information requested. Please complete to fill in. If the previous step has chosen to create an account this information will also be used for your account Gentec.nl. If you are at this step, choose to facruuradres and shipping address is the same, then automatically saves step 3.


Step 3

If the previous step has chosen to make the shipping address different than the billing address, then you can at this step, the desired shipping address.


Step 4

You can here the desired shipping method of your order to select. Since Gentec.nl orders free shipping, you can only select the option ‘free shipping’ option.


Step 5

You see here a summary of your order. If you are your order is final want to create, click on ‘Proceed to payment’. You must also agree to the general terms and conditions. Then you get the betalingsmoglijkheden to see. You can transfer select hiebij you will receive an invoice via email that you in its own desired stage can pay. Ideal hiebij you can pay directly through your own bank.


Order confirmation

If you order through our website, we will with an order confirmation by e-mail to confirm. When you receive confirmation your order is correct at Gentec.nl placed.


Receiving The Payment

After your payment is received by us this will be confirmed by e-mail. You order will then be considered and processed as soon as possible.


Send message

At the time your order is shipped to you, we will confirm by email. In principle, your order will be within 1 to 5 business days to deliver. Are you in a hurry? Please first contact by phone so that we can estimate how fast the product you provide.


To change or Cancel

You can place your order up to the time of sending, free of charge, change or cancel. Exception to this are specially made for products you ordered. If you want to cancel or change, please contact us via the contact form.


Payment options
- Bank transfer
Afterwards, pay cash and pick up at location Joure

- Payment via IDEAL

You can also in when Gentec.nl in Joure your product viewing and pick up than pay cash.


After Gentec.nl your payment has been received the order within 1 to 5 business days. It may also be that the delivery time is longer for a particular product. This is indicated in the webshop. Direct pick-up and pins is also possible. You should always first contact us. Of course, you by mail, informed about your order.