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Reference: Ref: PT0027A3

Honda EU10i Protective Case

Review(s): 0

Original Honda cover for the EU10i. Color grey.

Price €49.51
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Reference: Ref: PT0028A4

Honda Carburetor Cleaner

Review(s): 1

Clean the carburetor clean with the convenient carburetor cleaner from Honda.

Price €10.89
In stock

Reference: Ref: PT0168A5

Battery charger 12V Honda Optimate 5

Review(s): 1

Taking care of your starter battery is essential! To ensure that it is fully charged during periods of non-use. The Honda is specially designed for modern batteries of 7.5 to 120 Amp-hours capacity with the ability to months your battery automatically to diagnose, charge, check and maintain. It is suitable for AGM-, GEL - and liquid batteries.

Price €114.95
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Reference: Ref: PT0002B01

Super Magnetic Pijlstok

Review(s): 1

The magnetic oil dipstick gives your generator extra protection. The built-in Super Magnet, avoid damage to your Honda generator. The magnet ensures that metal particles, which is caused by wear and tear will continue to adhere to the magnet. Check the magneetpijlstok by with a white cloth for him to wipe clean if you use the oil top up or a onderhoutsbeurt.

Price €50.82
In stock