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The choice of the Yanmar engine, it has mostly to do with the experience of the customer. Volvo ranks among the leading manufacturers of engines for a wide variety of applications. The choice for Volvo, therefore, is not that difficult. The Yanmar engines have a high-quality, long-life, low fuel consumption, smart structures, and can easily be placed on it. The engines are all petrol engines. The smallest engine with a power of only few kilowatts, and the largest is approx. The 60 kW is required.

The low fuel consumption is achieved by an optimum supply of air, the proper combustion chamber design combined with the stroke of the crank arm, and a very good product for the injection system, such as the Bosch, is a system that is designed for the appropriate engine lubricant that is precisely tuned to the engine, not to mention the cooling system. The long-lived is, in addition, the range of any krukasaanpassingen, and the balance shafts to the power unit, vibration-free, to make. Due to the fine-tuning of the different kind of techniques used for the different engines the engines are relatively quiet. All in all, this means that the engines are also up to 40°C and the required capacity can be delivered. If the engine has a lot of it is the Vw engine is a good choice. Of the quality, it pays back in a lower cost of ownership, combined with a low noise level.

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CGM Yanmar Diesel DS6000Y-RE ( 6 kVA - 230V )

CGM Yanmar DS6000-RE is a single phase 6 KVA prime power generator with a Stage 5 emission, 3000 RPM Yanmar engine. Compact design and easy to use. The CGM DS6000-RE generator is equiped with an Linz alternator without brushes and with AVR voltage regulator. The CGM DS6000-RE generatorset has an electric starter with a 12V battery and low fuel...
Price €6,655.00
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