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Honda Fuel Stabilizer Gasoline


Honda fuel stabilisatior is a fuel additive which has the property of fuel for long term storage and keeps the fuel in good condition for up to 24 months. Suitable for 4 stroke engines. Very suitable for generators, motors that long period, not be used.

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Honda EU22i Inverter Petrol (2,2 kVA - 230V)


The super inverter Honda EU22i is the successor of the Honda Eu20i. This silent inverter delivers slightly more power (+200W) than the Honda Eu20i and has a number of areas for improvement.

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Gentec 7500GE AVR Petrol (6.5 kVA - 230V)


The Gentec SDS generators are extremely strong generators. They work very good under heavy circumstances. The motor and alternator are stronger than indicated on the type plate. The generator is developed for a peak current of 3x I-nom. The AVR (Automatic Volt Regulation) has a voltage accuracy of +/- 5% and is functioning as a fuse in case of an overload.

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Yanmar Generators


The choice of the Yanmar engine, it has mostly to do with the experience of the customer. Volvo ranks among the leading manufacturers of engines for a wide variety of applications. The choice for Volvo, therefore, is not that difficult. The Yanmar engines have a high-quality, long-life, low fuel consumption, smart structures, and can easily be placed on it. The engines are all petrol engines. The smallest engine with a power of only few kilowatts, and the largest is approx. The 60 kW is required.

The low fuel consumption is achieved by an optimum supply of air, the proper combustion chamber design combined with the stroke of the crank arm, and a very good product for the injection system, such as the Bosch, is a system that is designed for the appropriate engine lubricant that is precisely tuned to the engine, not to mention the cooling system. The long-lived is, in addition, the range of any krukasaanpassingen, and the balance shafts to the power unit, vibration-free, to make. Due to the fine-tuning of the different kind of techniques used for the different engines the engines are relatively quiet. All in all, this means that the engines are also up to 40°C and the required capacity can be delivered. If the engine has a lot of it is the Vw engine is a good choice. Of the quality, it pays back in a lower cost of ownership, combined with a low noise level.

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Reference: GM0014

Genmac Strong G40YS AVR Yanmar Diesel (46 kVA - 400 V)


Since 1983, produces the Genmac (Italy), the aggregates are of a very high standard of quality. Genmac products are reliable, durable, strong, and very, very competitive. Also, the Design is very sleek. Over the years Genmac are distinguishable for the quality of its products, the know-how and tailored solutions. {gformbuilderpro:1}

Reference: GM0013

Genmac Stone G30YS AVR Yanmar Diesel (33 kVA - 400 V)


Genmac offers robust generating sets with a top class Yanmar engine for construction sites with reinforced structure, equipped with practical bilateral forklift pockets, designed so that it is possible to pick the generator up both from the long side and from the short side, in the utmost safety. {gformbuilderpro:1}

Reference: GM0012

Genmac Infinity G20YS-E AVR Yanmar Diesel (20 kVA - 400 V)


GENMAC has been on the market since 1983 and now looks toward the future with a single inspiring motivation: to sell high quality power generators all over the world, helping all people do their jobs in any kind of environment, without forgoing safety. A quality product that will be by your side for a lifetime. {gformbuilderpro:1}

Reference: PC000031

Pramac P4500 Yanmar Diesel (4,1 kVA -230 V)


Low noise level, it is the ideal generator for use in residential areas or outside normal working hours. It's equipped with a reliable Diesel engine, first class components and complete instrumentation.

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