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Genmac Infinity G15YS AVR for Yanmar, Diesel fuel (15 kVA - 400 V)

Since 1983, produces the Genmac (Italy), the aggregates are of a very high standard of quality. Genmac products are reliable, durable, strong, and very, very competitive. Also, the Design is very sleek. Over the years Genmac are distinguishable for the quality of its products, the know-how and tailored solutions. {gformbuilderpro:1}
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Gentec Energy (The Netherlands) offࣴers a complete range of portable, standby and continuous running generators for all kind of users. The program is from 1 – 1200 kVA petrol, gas or diesel generators. Hardly all generators are designed and produced in Europe or in the Western World. For maximum performance and reliability and high quality, Gentec Energy delivers “the power solution” for industrial applications. Our range of generators has been carefully put together during a long period.