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Honda Fuel Stabilizer Gasoline


Honda fuel stabilisatior is a fuel additive which has the property of fuel for long term storage and keeps the fuel in good condition for up to 24 months. Suitable for 4 stroke engines. Very suitable for generators, motors that long period, not be used.

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Honda EU22i Inverter Petrol (2,2 kVA - 230V)


The super inverter Honda EU22i is the successor of the Honda Eu20i. This silent inverter delivers slightly more power (+200W) than the Honda Eu20i and has a number of areas for improvement.

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Reference: GT0001

Gentec 7500GE AVR Petrol (6.5 kVA - 230V)


The Gentec SDS generators are extremely strong generators. They work very good under heavy circumstances. The motor and alternator are stronger than indicated on the type plate. The generator is developed for a peak current of 3x I-nom. The AVR (Automatic Volt Regulation) has a voltage accuracy of +/- 5% and is functioning as a fuse in case of an overload.

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Yamaha Generators | Yamaha Generators


The Yamaha engines are very reliable. Yamaha has a good and quiet motors designed for inverter generators up to 3 KW. This is a high-spanningsnauwkeurigheid.

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Reference: PC000083

Pramac P2000i Inverter Petrol (2,0 kVA - 230V)


The P2000i provide a clean and stable power for sensitive electronics. The P class inverter models are equiped with a Yamaha engine. This generator is a top performer: easy to carry, fuel efficient and have a low noise level 59 dB(A) at 7m.

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