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  • Hatz

    Hatz is one of the well-known large European engines builders. Hatz is specialized in small and medium-sized diesel generators to 56kVA. The engines are known for their long life. The engines are constantly adapted to the latest requirements. You can use the motors found in the road construction, in ships and, of course, also in aggregates.
    Much attention is paid to reliability and environmental requirements that to search engines by the different countries. The motors are compact. have a as low as possible weight. Much attention is paid to the areas where the motors are used. This applies also for the tropics as in the polar regions. For the long life duration, it is important that the engines vibration-free to construct, if necessary, the crank webs and the flywheel to adjust or to make use of a balance shaft. Much attention has been given to the maintenance interval to be extended and the cost of maintenance low.

  • Honda

    Aggregates that are equipped with a Honda engine are very reliable. Honda builds very quiet, aggregates, aggregates with a high spanningsnauwkeurigheid and also aggregates for the construction, which is foolproof, but are equipped with simple technology. All power units are ready for operation and tested delivered. The warranty is 2 years if the maintenance by a Honda dealer, is carried out.

  • Kohler

    Kohler has 100 years of experience! Kohler (USA) all from the 1920 engines and is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Every KOHLER engine is tested. Kohler is often a 3-year warranty on its engines.

  • Lombardini

    Lombardini S. r.l. Is an Italian manufacturer of diesel engines up to 65HP. The company was founded in 1933 in Reggio Emilia by brothers Adelmo and Rainero Lombardini under the name of Lombardini Fabbrica Italiana Motori S. p.A. Adelmo Lombardini produced since 1922 combustion engines with a company called "Società Anonima Cooperativa Metallurgica" in Novellara (RE). Lombardini is since 2007 part of the Kohler group, a union that has led to the creation of an international synergy from market and productstandpunt.

  • Perkins

    For more than 80 years and manufactures the Perkins high performance gas and diesel engines. Perkins developed the most advanced and comprehensive diesel and gas engines in the world. These are applied everywhere.

  • Powermate
  • Pramac

    Pramac is one of the largest aggregatenproducenten of Europe. The aggregates that Pramac on the market is almost exclusively supplied with original Western motors and generators (alternators). The program includes, of course, gasoline and diesel generating sets up to 2500 kVa. Some types operate on LPG. For the petrol generators up to 12 kVA are almost exclusively the well known and reliable Honda engines used.

    Some noise generators have Yamaha, and Robin Subaru engines For the diesel power units are the engines of the well-known brands Yanmar, Hatz and Lombardini. The heavier aggregates to be supplied with a Yanmar or Perkins, Volvo engine. For the generators (alternators) are also well-known ,original Western products mounted. The program consists of single-phase and three-phase generators.

  • Robin Subaru

    The Robin Subaru engines are manufactured by the well-known Subaru factories for cars. In Japan, motor has a very high market share in the professional market. The engines are as much as possible modular constructed for a low cost price and high quality. The combustion chambers are designed such that the engines meet the current environmental requirements. The engines are by the construction of economical, light in weight, reliable and silent. By the combination of the construction, lubrication and cooling the engines a long life time. There is a lot of attention is paid to the maintenance easier. Starting under cold conditions the engine goes off easily. The engine is linked to an alternator with inverter. The inverter ensures an optimal sine wave, which makes the aggregates very suitable for the power supply of sensitive equipment. The speed is adjusted, if the aggregate less power supply. This makes the generator less noise and is also more economical.

  • Volvo

    Generators, powered by Volvo Penta engines can supply power in any climate, from Antarctica to the dusty heat in the Middle-East. Volvo can motoroplossing offer at each aggregaatontwerp fits, regardless of the location. Regardless of the climate or the conditions, you can rely on a Volvo Penta engine to the maximum aggregate benefit. This 1500 rpm the engines can run 24 hours a day!

  • Weichai

    Weichai is one of the largest engine producers in China. Weichai has even a number of years, Deutz engines, built under license from Deutz Germany. Weichai is known for its strong truck engines in China.

  • Yamaha

    Yamaha motors are very reliable. Yamaha has good and quiet motors designed for inverter generators up to 3 KW. These have a high spanningsnauwkeurigheid.

  • Yanmar

    The choice for the Yanmar engine has mostly to do with the experience of the customer. Yanmar belongs to the leading manufacturers of engines for the most diverse applications. The choice for Volvo, therefore, is not so difficult. The Yanmar engines have a high quality, long life, low fuel consumption due to smart construction and can easily be placed. The engines are all diesel engines. The smallest engine is the only a capacity of a few kilowatts, and the largest approx. 60 kW. The low fuel consumption is achieved by an optimum air supply, the correct combustion chamber design in combination with the stroke of the crankshaft, a good product for the injection such as Bosch, an exhaust system that has been constructed for the associated engine, the lubrication that is tailored exactly to the engine and not to forget the cooling. The long lifetime is in addition range by any krukasaanpassingen and balance-shafts to the power unit vibration-free. By the proper coordination of the various detail techniques of the different engines to make engines relatively little sound. All in all, this means that the engines also at 40°C and the required capacity can deliver. If the engine is used a lot then the Yanmar engine is a good choice. The quality pays back in lower costs of ownership in combination with a low noise level.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 150 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 150 items