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Yamaha Generatoren | Yamaha Aggregaten


Yamaha motoren zijn zeer betrouwbaar. Yamaha heeft goede stille motoren ontwikkeld voor de inverter aggregaten tot 3 KW. Deze hebben een hoge spanningsnauwkeurigheid.

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Reference: EF3000ISE, Ref: SD00012

SDMO Inverter Pro 3000E Yamaha Gasoline (3 kVA - 230V)

Review(s): 7

The SDMO inverter Pro 3000E is directly by SDMO purchased from Yamaha Japan and is therefore very well priced. This Unit has a maximum capacity of 3 kVA and a maximum operating time of over 20 hours of operation with ¼ rated load in Economy Control mode. A Noise level of 51 dB (A) with ¼ rated load from 7 meters.

Price €2,211.28 Regular price €2,601.50
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