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Hatz Generators | Hatz Generators


Hatz, is one of the major European motors building. Hatz is a specialist in small-and medium-sized diesel generators up to 56kVA. The engines are renowned for their long life-span. The engines have to be constantly adapted to the latest requirements. You can use the engines found on the road, in the ships, and, of course, are also in the aggregate.

A lot of attention is being paid to reliability, and environmental requirements for motors with different countries in it. The motors are compact in size. having the lowest possible weight. A lot of the attention has been focused on the areas in which the engines are to be used. This is true for the tropics as in the arctic and antarctic. For a long service life, it is important that the engines are vibration-free construction, if necessary, the crank webs, and the fly wheel have to fit in or to make use of a balance shaft. A lot of attention has been given to the maintenance intervals to be extended and the cost of maintenance is low.

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Reference: PC000038

Pramac P12000 Hatz Diesel (15,8 kVA - 400 V)

Review(s): 2

It is the ideal generator for use in residential areas or outside normal working hours. It's equipped with a reliable Diesel engine, first class components and complete instrumentation.{gformbuilderpro:1}

Price €7,616.95