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Lombardini S. r.l. It Is an Italian manufacturer of diesel engines up to 65HP. The company was founded in 1933 in Reggio Emilia by brothers Adelmo and Rainero Lombardini, under the name of Lombardini Fabbrica Italiana Motori S. p.A. Adelmo Lombardini has produced since 1922, with the internal combustion engines with a company called "Società Anonima Cooperativa Metallurgica" in Novellara (RE). Was called since 2007 has been part of the Kohler group, the european union, which has led to the creation of an international synergy from a market and productstandpunt.

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Reference: P9000, Ref: 000035

Pramac P9000 AVR Lombardini Diesel (9,1 kVA - 400 V)

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The unit P9000, 400/230V is equipped with a reliable Yanmar engine, which is a guarantee for many hours of operation. The group has been pretty quiet 69d(B)in A 7m . The generator has a large fuel tank. {gformbuilderpro:1}

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