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S series diesel
S series diesel

S series diesel

Pramac S Series, Diesel, 5000 t/m, S15000 230 V and 400 V/230 V type AVR and electric start. Pramac's diesel generators up to 15,4 kVA, with high-capacity fuel tank. 230 V 400/230 V versions. Generators with an electric start. Features: Run by the very reliable Yanmar and Lombardini diesel engines. With a large fuel tank. The aggregates can clearly be heard. Not an AVR. The generators have an electric start. The fact that the 400V generators on a single stage, a relatively heavy load may be. There are some differences in the specifications of each unit of the series.

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Reference: S15000, Ref: 000030

Pramac S15000 Lombardini Diesel (with 15.4 kVA - 400 V)

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The Pramac S15000 portable diesel generator is equipped with a reliable Lombardini diesel engine. This diesel generator is also equipped with electric start. It has a multiple socket layout with a digital display for voltage, frequency and hours. *Note: this generator is classed as non noise compliant.{gformbuilderpro:1}

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